Here at Mint Driving Academy we offer the highest educational level of driver training at affordable prices.​​ Our lessons are carefully planned, up to date with ICBC requirements for the road  and combined  with our experience in driver educatatin.

We go through various driving methods available to you and help you decide which ones will suit you best to pass road test and get high quality driver training.​ The Driving Academy's training cars are Toyota Corolla, solid training vehicles which are the best start for any driver to be. Our training cars have the best view of the road and are very maneuverable which is huge help in parallel parking at street, reverse into parking spot or any other driving skills necessary for a safe driver.​Please don't be hesitant if you have never been at the steering wheel before, our welcoming team is there to help you achieve your goal and enjoy your new skills.​

In case you only need a brush-up, we are happy to give you an efficient solution by focusing on your specific needs.​ We provide training for all generations - from teenagers to seniors.

​Your driving licence is only a call away!


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