• All lessons are in training vehicle, conducted on one on one basis, with only student and instructor.

  • Lessons or course fees are valid for one year. If there are some unforeseen circumstances that prevent you completing your training within the one-year period, please contact us to extend your program prior to expiry. Refunds are not provided for unused training.

  • Each lesson consists a minimum 90% of practice and 10% to review and discuss student's progress

  •   Student may use Mint’s training vehicle for the road test exam (vehicle borrow fee apply).  

  • Payments are prepaid. Payment methods E-transfer (preferable), cash or cheque.

  •  If you are unable to attend scheduled driving lesson, please contact us 48 hours (two business days) in advance. Your lesson will be rescheduled or cancelled after you hear from us via email of over the phone. If notification is received in less than 48 hours, we may not be able to accommodate the change.

  • Late cancellation or no-show fee $ 50.00

  •  If you wish to discontinue your lessons with us, we will return the portion that was not completed based on number of hours completed, plus administration fee of $60.00 may apply. 

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